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If you don't know someone's pronoun, it's best to either ask or not use a pronoun at all.

It's also best not to assume that a person's pronoun indicates that person's gender.

To use the wrong pronoun is disrespectful.

See a list of pronouns below.

Traditional and Gender Neutral Pronouns - provided by Forge Forward

Gender Specific Pronouns:

She Her Her Hers Herself

He Him His His Himself


Gender Neutral Pronouns - these pronouns are used by individuals who do not identify as she/her or he/him and are used subjectively as individuals self-identify with them:

Ze Zim Zir Zirs Zirself

Sie/Zie Hir Hir Hirs Hirself - pronounced: zee, here, here, heres, hereself

Zie Zir Zir Zirs Zirself - pronounced: zee, zere, zere, zeres, zereself

Ey Em Eir Eirs Eirself - pronounced: A, M, ear, ears, earself

Per Per Pers Pers Perssself

They Them Their Theirs Themself

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