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Do I Stand Alone?

In Northborough Mass, the deadline to choose Stand Alone Remote Learning for your child is AUGUST 19th at 9:00 am. You must complete the District's form to Opt-In.

Stand Alone is a difficult decision. Let’s face it … any decision is a difficult decision.

For students on IEPs, the Remote Learning Model as part of the School District’s 3 Learning Models IS NOT the same as the Stand Alone Remote Model. With the School’s Remote Learning Model, students on IEPs will receive in-person services, virtual services, or a combination of both to the full extent possible.

Stand Alone Remote does not provide in-person services. Northborough School District states that: “If a parent chooses the standalone remote model, it is assumed that the parent prefers to keep their child out of in-person instruction. For students on IEPs, remote service delivery will include instruction delivered via remote lessons (video-based) and related services through tele-therapy lessons”

Of course, you never want to say never …

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