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New Phone App Makes Tracking Remote Learning Easy!

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Massachusetts Advocates for Children (MAC) created an incredible "App" for parents that tracks data in anticipation of compensatory services.

Many children with special needs will have failed to make progress during remote learning - and many will have regressed. Each of these children will be entitled to compensatory services to essentially put each one back in the position he/she would have been had there been no interruption in education and services. I can assure you that your data will be different than the school's data because you spend more time observing your child.

The MAC App can be accessed through your phone by going to Once you initially sign in, you list which child you're tracking, the school subject, the date/time, the duration, whether it's in person or virtual/telephonic, and what level of engagement your child had with the service. I tried it ... it's easy! There's even a section for notes, which can prove useful for including specific observations or changes in behavior or communications with teachers or therapists.

Thanks MAC!

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